The History Of Beer

The story of how beer developed to offer the variety there is today

  • 7000 BC:
    Villagers in China brewed fermented alcoholic drinks
  • 3000 BC:
    Barley beer was being produced in the mountains of Iran
  • 822 AD:
    The first mention of hops being used to flavor beer
  • 1000:
    Bear was popular in medieval times, partly because the brewing process killed off diseases
  • 1420:
    Bottom-fermented beers were discovered by accident and are known today as lagers
  • 1721:
    The first reference of porter, a dark and strong beer, which was created in London.
  • 1750:
    Beers production moved from artisan and domestic to industrial manufacture
  • 1817:
    Wheeler invented the drum roaster, allowing the production of dark, roasted malts
  • 1820:
    G. Sedlmay produced pale lager by mixing pale ale and lagering techniques
  • 1953:
    M.coutts created continuous fermentation, which is still used commercially in New Zealand
  • 1971:
    CAMRA (Campaign for real ale)founded to support real ale production and pubs
  • 1989:
    Plastic widget discs were put in canned beer to create a smooth head when poured
  • 2010:
    A 55% abv ale called “The End of History’ is claimed to be the strongest beer produced to date
  • 2012:
    National Planning Policy Frameworks (NPPF) was created and has helped save pubs from  closure


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