The Gift Of Water

Water Is A Basic Necessity For Life
It fuels every living thing on this earth. and it is critical to survival. But for more than 700 million people across the world, clean water is not easily accessible, creating a chain of problems for families and entire villages

The Solution?
Water wells. Maranatha is currently building water wells in Zimbabwe and Kenya, typically in locations where Maranatha has built a church or school. This way, the church or school becomes a center of outreach to the community

How Water Builds a Community

  • People no longer fight over scarce resources for water
  • Without having to waste time searching for water, children can attend school and become educated
  • Nomadic tribes can settle down in an area because water is provided for family and herds
  • People can plant a garden and grow their food
  • A healthy community begins to emerge and bloom
  • Women have time to invest in their families and organizations, like church.

The Gift Of Water

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