The Anatomy Of Engaged Employee

The Anatomy Of Engaged Employee

An engaged employee has a profound emotional commitment to the organisation and its goals.
So what does an engaged employee look like and what does this mean for your organisation?

Engaged Employees…

  1. …Understand
    They know the strategy of the business, what customers want and what’s expected of them by their managers.
    Ensure every person in your organisation understands their role and how their performance is affecting the business by providing regular feedback.
  2. …Listen
    They listen to the needs of the business and let that guide their work and performance.
    Communicate openly and frequently. Make sure every employee gets the big picture and is on board.
  3. …Love What They Do
    They love their job, their company, their colleagues and their customers.
    Love them back! Show your appreciation for their commitment through the rewards and recognition that are most important to them.
  4. …Have A Voice In Their Organisation¬†
    They feel heard.
    Stop and listen to your people. Solicit their participation through formal means such as employee forums and partnership schemes, and informal means by encouraging open dialogue between all staff.
  5. …Run With An Idea
    They don’t do the bare minimum and come up with new solutions, then put them into action.
    Let innovation happen. Your people are greatest asset so take their ideas on board and give your employee the freedom to explore fresh ideas.
  6. …Get their Hands Dirty
    They dig in and go above and beyond what’s expected of them frequently.
    Allow your employees to go beyond their role when necessary and trust that they will make the right decisions. Mistakes will be made but it means they will be willing to put in more effort because they feel empowered