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How to Skyrocket Your Kickstarter Campaign

How to Skyrocket Your Kickstarter Campaign

Many companies and individuals have already used Overfunding to launch their business ideas. See how you can skyrocket your funds on Kickstarter too.

1. Think Entrepreneurial

Successful fundraisers found that entrepreneur skills such as imagination, courage, salesmanship, project management, curiosity, and resourcefulness were the keys to their success.

“A Kickstarter project takes a lot of hard work, self-management and dedication which go hand-in-hand with being an entrepreneur.   Zoe Morley. Australia (Nonjabulo)

2. Learn from the Best & the Worst

Examine what others have done and learn from their successes and failures. Take what suits you and what works for your target group. Ask for consultancy. Former founders are willing to help.

“Before we launched our campaign, we read through over 600 projects. And when i say <read through> I don’t mean just get the headlines, but study them in depth.”  Andrei Novac, Romania (NSKN)

3. Make Them Share it

Backers are not the only ones interested in the projects. Journalists, bloggers and social media followers love them too. Incentivise the media to share your video as much as possible so that you reach your audience.

“I build an email list of about 350 people that would be interested to buy the watch right away. We had a good launch party, a strong community on Facebook and two of the national newspapers wrote about us.”  J.L. Aurup, Denmark (Vejrhoj)

4. Know your Risks

In general, founders fail to prepare for risks such as getting a funding amount that fails to cover all the expenses, which puts them in the position of having to borrow money from other sources.

Another risk is having problems in delivering the rewards, which is considered fraudulent by the FTC. Disappointing the backers leads to bad press.

“The funding should be enough to afford the production. Otherwise i would have had to put my own money and take a loan. That would mean a lot of risk for me.” Soren Larsen, Denmark (Audiocase)

5. Stay In Touch

Overfunding means extra funds, thus more backers in your crowdfunding community. Prepare strong communication strategies and comments.

“we kinda transformed the whole company into a crowdfunding project, So everyone was doing something. The IT guys were doing videos and everyone was sharing for our customers and fans.” Jens Juhanson, Estonia (MeMover)

6. Deliver What you Promised

Once the campaign is successfully overfunded, delivering the rewards is the most important aspect. Founders show their entrepreneurial skills when they have to deal with manufacturers, logistics and border taxes all over the world.

“I think we, as creators, we owe our backers to insure the quality of our products. That is why i am leaving soon to China to check the production.” Andrei Novac, Romania (NSKN)

Congratulations! Now You Are Ready To Get Overfunded!

“Overfunding is usually a good problem to have. If it doesn’t blow out of proportions. For us, it almost doubled our company’s turn over.” Andrei Novac, Romania (NSKN)

5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign

5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact the more you simplify your marketing efforts, the more profitable you’ll be. Let’s take a look at the 5 keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign.

  1. Know Your Market
    Intimately KNOW your market, what they want, who they hate, why they go to work everyday, what they’re afraid of. Knowing your market better than they know themselves is the cornerstone of making marketing work.
  2. Make The Offer Irresistible 
    Offer your market a great reason to come in, give you their email address or buy from you. Make your offer IRRESISTIBLE whether it’s your free bait offer, or something you’re currently selling
  3. Surprise Them
    Don’t stick to what you’ve promised or what is “expected.” Send a hand written note, call on a customer, follow up with a client to see how they’re doing. Leave ROOM in your marketing campaign for the unexpected.
  4. Follow UP
    Every sale is a chance to earn a lifetime client or customer. The GOLD is in the follow up. Choreograph a follow up strategy that affirms their original decision to work with you, indoctrinates them into the “fold” of your existing clients and educates them about why YOUR COMPANY was the best choice they could have made.
  5.  Use Multi-Media
    Email is cheap and convenient. Mix it up. Use the phone, email, internet, snail mail, live events, etc. Your marketing campaign should be multi-media in scope.


5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign

Checklist For an Online Marketing Campaign

Checklist For an Online Marketing Campaign

1. Establish Your Goals
The first thing you’re going to want to do is figure out what you want to get out of your campaign. It could range from a certain number of email addresses to put into your lists to Likes on Facebook to increase in your web traffic. Whatever your goals may be, jot them down and make sure you have ways to measure them.

2. Create Your Content
When creating content, first, figure out who your target market is and create a theme that is tailored to them. Keep in mind that if you are asking viewers of your campaign to do something (like fill their email address or like you on Facebook), make sure you’re giving them something in exchange. It could be a prize of some sort or a simple piece of content with information that your prospects would find valuable. White papers, tip sheets and ebooks are great pieces, of content to give to your campaign viewers

3. Communicate With Your Audience:

  • Prospects
    have a plan on how you are going to reach your customer and prospect lists. For our Lead Harmony campaigns, we did this in the theme of your campaign. Send this email to your current customers and your prospects as well. The more participation, the better, even if they’re already a client.
  • Public 
    There are many different ways to reach a public audience depending on your budget, your current public appearance, your connections, etc. We planned to reach the public with Google ads, through our social bookmarking sites. Keep posting your campaign periodically, not just once.

4. Measure  and Follow Up
Make sure you set up ways to measure your results. The measurement tools that we used for Lead Harmony included an email notification when someone fills out our form, an automatic follow email, automatic placement of the new lead into a specific email list, measurement of Google Adwords and measurement of conversions in Google Analytics. There are marketing automation systems that can help ease this process, but if you don’t have one in place, this is a good way to start.

Checklist For an Online Marketing Campaign