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Your Digital Marketing Map

Your Digital Marketing Map

1. Web Design

A website is your identity, your brand online. Building a user-friendly website is the first step to digital marketing success.


2. Landing Pages 

Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7 times more leads than those with few than 10.

3. Web Analytics

6% is the average businesses spend of marketing budgets on analytics. This is important to make sure that the other 94% are spent wisely.

4. Mobile Advertising

Smartphone users who download a branded app buy 40.4% more of the brand’s products /services

5. Online Display Ads

The U.S. account for 24.7% of global online display impressions.

6. Email Marketing

89% of marketers said email is their primary channel for lead generation.

7. Pay Per Click

Sponsored results accounts for 64.6% of clicks for keywords search that imply high commercial intent.

8. Search Engine Optimization

70% of the links search users click are organic.

9. Content Marketing

Content is King. Good powerful content, whether its words, videos or pictures attract consumers, and establish your brand, the brand’s products/services

10. Explainer Videos

Viewers are 12% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

11. Infographics

Businesses which use infographics grow in traffic on an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

12.  Blogging

Companies that blog have indexed page, and 97% more inbound links.

13. Social Media

Social media is the most powerful platform where you can market your business & increase its brand value.


9 Digital Marketing Certification you can Get in 2017

9 Digital Marketing Certification you can Get in 2017

Hubspot Digital marketing Certification

  • Considered to be one of the best and must for digital marketers
  • Focuses on how to attract customers well constructed module that links marketing based on content, digital as well as sales
  • Duration of the course is 4.5 HRS
  • Certificate will be valid for 25 months

Hubspot Email Marketing Certification

  • Mainly focus on life cycle marketing, segmentation, email design, analytics, optimization etc.
  • Relatively a new addition to the array of certification course available
  • Duration of the course is 3.5 HOURS
  • Certificate will be valid for 25 months

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

  • Focus on content marketing strategies as well as content analysis and optimization
  • Duration of the course is 3.5 hrs
  • Certificate will be valid for 13 months

Google Adwords

  • Consists of 6 modules
  • Need to pass at least 2 exams to become an Adwords certified professional
  • Exams include ADWORDS fundamental exam (mandatory) and one from advertising topics on search, display, video, shopping and mobile
  • You have to learn via study guide instead of video
  • Certification will be valid for 12 months

Google Mobile Site Certification Exams

  • Will make you understand how to optimize your website for mobile access
  • Provided with a study guide for exam preparation
  • Consists of 4 modules, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, Google Analytics platform principles, E-commerce Analytics, Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals.
  • Certificate will be valid for 12 months

Bing Ads

  • Modules based on bing ranking factors
  • Not in video format instead of that 109 pager study guide
  • Learn about Bing Ad budgeting and billing
  • Detailed lessons on Bing Ads intelligence
  • Certificate will be valid for a year

Facebook Blueprint Certification

  • 86 Modules
  • Learn how to plan a Facebook campaign and its optimization
  • Certificate will be valid for 12 months

Twitter Flight School Certification

  • Offered in 10 – 15 small sized modules
  • Will learn about campaign management as well as its optiomization
  • Know about different agency in Twitter and their function
  • No expiry date

YouTube Certification for Video Marketing

  • Consists of 29 modules
  • helps to develop an intelligent video strategy
  • Will only be eligible if your YouTube channel view crosses certain limit
  • Certification will be valid for 18 months

An Ultimate Guide to Top SEO Jobs

An Ultimate Guide to Top SEO Jobs

  1. SEO Trainee
    The designation of an SEO trainer ranks the lowest in the hierarchical order of the SEO job profiles
  2. SEO Executive
    The profile of the SEO executive is not a very influential position.
  3. SEO Analyst
    SEO analyst may pronounce his functions as reviewing the work of the SEO executive, being well versed with the keyword finding and implementing techniques.
  4. SEO Strategist
    SEO strategist is to lay down strategies which will be implemented & followed to increase and enhance the SEO of the company’s website.
  5. SEO Specialist
    The SEO specialist is the one who is accountable for maintaining and managing the organic search results of the company’s web pages.
  6. SEO Consultant
    The profile of an SEO consultant is present in the Digital marketing agencies to provide third party help.
  7. SEO Technician
    SEO technician include assessing the competitor’s website for updates and finding link building opportunities
  8. SEO Account Manager
    SEO account manager carries social media campaigns on popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  9.  SEO Manager
    Manager is supposed to analyze the reports of all campaigns running at a particular time.
  10. SEO Trainer
    SEO trainer is an SEO expert who mentors the subordinate employees to master the SEO functioning implementation
  11. SEO Director
    The SEO Director heads the department and keeps a check on the goals set and achieved.

SEO Tips From The Experts

SEO Tips From The Experts

Search engine have become a core resource for individuals looking for a business, product or service. Over the years, online search has reduced the need for traditional means of searching, such as Yellow Pages.

As the consumer searching landscape changes, so must the way your business wants to be found.The top SEO experts agree.

  1. SEO is not about optimizing for search, it’s about optimizing for humans
  2. It’s not enough to rank on the first page. Marketers need to earn their clicks
  3. Modern link building focuses on high-quality original content that provides value.
  4. Think about the value you want to provide, and which keywords match that value


Inside The Mind Of Digital Marketing Leaders

Inside The Mind Of Digital Marketing Leaders

Issues Identified as Most Critical /Top-of-Mind by Soda’s C-level Members is Shaping the Success of their Business as of mid 2012

  1. Operation/Finance
    What are the financial and operational best practices for our industry and how can i earn the coveted title of *financial superstar* within the ranks of Soda member companies
  2. Advocacy
    How can i consistently provide thought leadership to my industry in terms of standards, collaboration and philanthropic efforts?
  3. Production
    How do the established models for pre-prod, production and post-prod work meet (or not meet) the needs of our current digital engagement?
  4. Education
    Where can i find the best talent and how do i nurture and retain that talent
  5. Marketing
    How do i align all of my efforts toward a cohesive strategy that positions my company for new business success?
  6. Business Strategy
    What tools, strategies and approaches do i need to adopt to successfully negative periods of intense change?
  7. State Of The Industry
    How do we get post-digital and begin sharing perspectives on how the industry has evolved and where it’s headed?
  8. Legal
    What are the most important legal and regulatory issues impacting our industry and my company? Do i have the proper documentation and contracts to ensure successful growth?
  9. Innovations
    How do i lay the ground-work to structure and promote an environment of continual innovation?