The Power Of Self-Compassion

How often are we actually grateful to ourselves?
When we take note of our positive qualities and celebrate our lives and ourselves, we become not only happier, but more successful. It helps to see yourself as you really are. Even if you see real weakness, addressing them from a place of self-compassion will help you thrive. Here are some tips for how to make self-compassion a habit.

  • Notice Your Self-Talk
    In-times of failure or challenge, noticing your self-talk can help you replace it with self-compassion. Instead of saying things like “I’m such an idiot!” you might say “I had a moment of absentmindedness and that’s okay.”
  • Write Yourself a Letter
    When your emotions are overwhelming, write a letter to yourself as if you were writing to a friend. It might feel strange at first, but your comforting words will help to normalize the situation rather than blow it out of proportion
  • Develop a Self-Compassion Phrase
    Use a mantra or a phrase that you can turn to in challenging situations, so you can deal with them calmly and with grace. Dr. Kristin Neff, a self-compassion researcher, uses the mantra “This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is part of life. May i be kind to myself in this moment; may i give myself the compassion i need.”
  • Make a Daily Gratitude List
    Write down 5 things you feel grateful for every day, or are proud of having accomplished. This may sound overly simplistic, but this extremely short exercise can produce powerful and long-lasting results

The Powert Of Self Composition

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