How To Be A Perfect Pickup Artist

Pickup artists achieve success with women in ways other than relying on good looks or instinct. It can take some work, but here are some tips you started

  • AI
    Wait for an “Approach invitation”, a favorable body language signal, like eye contact or a smile. If you want to build tension, playfully ignore the AI for a while before heading over
  • Groups Or Alone
    Don’t be afraid to approach a woman no matter if she’s in a group or alone. If you’re afraid to go over alone bring a wingman.
  • Call Attention
    Interact with your friends or the bartender. Not only will staying in an active, talkative state help you when you finally do approach, it makes it much more likely that you even will.
  • Keep Her Curious
    Evade her questions with humor or counter questions as long as possible. It’ll show her you’re not trying to impress her, and it will make her curious who you really her.
  • Practice The Approach
    The next time you’re out just go up to a girl and start a conversation. She may turn down, but the only way to perfect your game is to do this with as many women as possible.
  • IOI
    Learn to read a woman’s signals (called indicators of interest, termed IOI) like when she plays with her hair and laughs. This is an essential skill to acquire, because it’ll let you know when you can take the next step.
  •  AFC
    An average frustrated chump or AFC is a term coined to describe males who are clueless and incompetent with women.
  • Opening
    Initiating a conversation is called “opening” and whatever the pick up artists says while opening is called an “opener.” Openers can be “canned” (prepared in advance), or improvised
  • She’s Not For Sale
    Don’t try to woo women by buying drinks. This makes it obvious that you’re interested in her and you think you can buy her time and affection.
  • She Isn’t Hot
    Since you think the girl is hot, you are more likely to show her that she is indeed too valuable for you. From here on out, no girl is hot, she’s either “cute” or “alright”
  • Hands Out Of Pockets
    If you are at bar looking  like you are bored, don’t expect to get a positive response if you approach a girl. If you seem like a buzzkill, she will be less likely to talk to you.
  • Cold Approaching
    This occurs when the “target” hasn’t given out an “approach” invitation” to the pickup artist. Avoid doing this


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