OUCH! The 10 Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

  1. Head
    Head tattoos are not only painful, but also jarring because you can hear the process so acutely. “I’ve been told the noise is even worse than the sensation.”
  2. Face
    “Just don’t do it.”
  3. Hand
    “Its super funny when [hand tattoos] become trendy, since [much] of the area won’t hold a tattoo in a way that stays looking nice,” Unsurprisingly, the most painful part of the hand to get inked is the palm. Best to avoid.
  4. Sternum
    “It has been described to me as ‘like being cut open by a hot knife.’ “
  5. Elbow
    This area is a toss-up. For some customers, it hurts a lot, while others can’t feel it at all. Spooky.
  6. Rib-Cage And Stomach:
    Yes, rib cage and stomach tattoos hurt a lot, the worst part is that the pain never really lets up. “In most cases, your body will give you some chemical assistance at some point to make it temporarily bearable. Not on your ribs.”
  7. Butt Checks
    Booty tattoos may be discreet, but they’re also very uncomfortable. “No, the extra pudding doesn’t help.”
  8. Inner Thigh & Knee
    Ink on the inner thighs and knees can hurt a lot, but that’s not the only reason it causes discomfort. ” Most of it comes from customers being unaccustomed to letting someone touch them there at all.”
  9. Ankle
    Compared to other locations, ankle tattoos ” actually aren’t that bad at all.” However, many people who have only ankle tattoos will tell you otherwise. ” They will have you believe they went through hell.”
  10. Foot
    The foot is a notoriously painful spot, but it’s “not quite as bad” as people say, and not nearly as bad as most people’s hygiene habits in said location.

OUCH! The 10 most painful places to get a tattoo

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