Nap Transitions!

Nap Transitions!

12 Weeks
By this age most babies should have consolidated their napping into three relatively regular naps per day. Watch that the afternoon nap isn’t too long or it’ll be affecting bedtime settling!

6-8 Months
Babies around this age lose the late afternoon nap, leaving two other naps in place. If your baby is having a longer morning nap followed by a shorter nap later on in the day it can be a very tricky transition and your baby can be very overtired come bedtime.

12-15 Months
This is the hardest transition period as your baby drops to one nap. This is far more difficult if your baby is used to having a longer morning nap and can cause a period of regression in your baby’s sleep.

30-36 Months
Between the age of 2.5 – 3 years children drop their daytime nap altogether. This transition is managed by whittling down your toddler’s nap until it’s gone or even offering a nap every second day.