Men’s Health

When it come to preventing disease, eating right and healthy lifestyle are your strongest line of defense against against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

  • Brain
    Men need folic acid, too! Scientists are finding more and more evidence that high blood pressure, high cholesterol and low levels of the vitamin folate may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Eat folate-rich foods: fortified cereals and pastas, dark leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli and citrus fruits.
  • Heart And Blood
    Did you know you can keep your heart healthy right in your own kitchen? Cooking at home allows you to control the amount of salt and calories from solid fats and added sugars in your food. Stock up on heart-healthy oils like canola, olive or soybean or use non-stick cooking spray to prepare foods.
  • Lungs
    Smoking dramatically raises your risk for disease and health complications, but quitting can be difficult and leave you with strong cravings to eat. Choose nutrient-dense foods like whole grains and legumes to curb cravings and keep you feeling fuller, longer. Become a “mindful” eater to truly experience the flavor and aroma of food you may have been missing out on.
  • Kidneys
    The kidneys serve many essential regulatory roles in the human body, but did you know they have perfected a balance of salt and water to regulate blood pressure? Keep the balance intact by replacing lost fluids. Adults lose 10 or more cups of water daily.
  • Pancreas
    Your pancreas is busy working two jobs to keep you healthy: Producing hormones like insulin and aiding the digestion process. Lend your pancreas a hand by making healthier food choices. Enjoy smaller portions of foods containing solid fats, such as regular cheese, sausage, beacon, pizza and grain-based deserts.
  • ┬áBody Mass Index (Waist)
    Men gain weight around the middle, placing “extra baggage” around their waist and putting them at risk for serious diseases. Get out the tape measure! If your waist measures more than 40 inches around, it’s time to shed some pounds.


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