Kid’s Nutrition, No More Frustration!

Your little one has just gone from being a 4-hourly milk-devouring infant, to a big child. This can be “the projectile spitting” or “I won’t open my mouth” phase when the little one starts getting a bit picky and choosy about what food they will put in their mouth. So here are 7 Rules to help you face this situation.

  1. Check With Your Doc!
    Check with your kids pediatrician; As long as they are happy with the developmental progress, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Kids Get Fed When They Have To!
    Yes, kids get hungry too. And they will ensure that they are fed when they are hungry. Sometimes you just have to give them some space
  3.  Engage Them During Meals!
    If it means that you have to sit and animatedly talk to them about ‘how a piece of banana wants to get into their stomach to be with its other friends’, so be it
  4. Repetition Is A Sin!
    If you feature their favorite food on the menu everyday, it will soon become a “not-so-favorite” dish
  5. Small Meals!
    try and break down the meals. It might take a while for the baby to eat just three meals a day like us grown-ups. Give them a few small meals during the day.
  6. When In Doubt Milk It Up!
    Whilst not a substitute for a hearty meal, there is no harm in occasionally resorting to topping up their meals with the “well-trusted” milk.
  7. No Junk Food!
    Not at the age of 2. They shouldn’t be introduced to junk food at such an early age. Make them cultivate a taste for veggies instead.

Kids Nutrition

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