International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

Did You Know?

  1. Guys Crave The Jolt
    One-Third of men  drinks 3-4 cups of coffee per day more than women
  2. Women Are More Patient
    Women are willing to wait in line up to 16% longer than men for a cup of coffee
  3. The Young Spend More And Like Their Coffee Cold
    People ages 18-24 are willing to spend $3 for a standard cup of coffee
  4. Women Are More Likely To Drink Their Coffee Fancied
    Women are 59% more likely to drink lattes, cappuccinos or espressos than men

Each Region Has It Own Coffee Preference

  • The Midwest drink their coffee black
  • The west is more likely to get a little fancy & prefer lattes, cappuccinos and espressos
  • The Northeast drinks their coffee with milk only
  • The south drinks their coffee with milk and sugar

how america takes its coffee