How to Backup Important Data

How to Backup Important Data

Do you know the lifetime of your hard drive
Information or data on your computer could be lost, if:

  • The hard drive in your computer fails
  • Your computer is lost or stolen
  • Your computer is in a fire or other event

1. Backup your data on a window

What you will need:

  • A Hard Drive
    Grab a secondary hard drive of equal or greater capacity to the machine you want to back up. Preferably, This should be an external drive, or an external network SAN drive such as western digital’s very affordable “My World Book” SAN drive.
  • Software.
    You can use one of the programs Microsoft ships with its operating system, or you can use third party app.

2. Backup Your Data on MAC

What You’ll Need:

  • A Hard Drive
    You should have a secondary hard drive of equal or greater capacity to the hard drive you want to back up.
  • Software
    Some back up software from third party vendors. Or, if you’re Unix savvy, you can get by with rsync and cron, which are built in to Mac OS X.

How to Recover Lost Data If accidentally DELETE

When you delete data from your PC it doesn’t immediately disappear and turn into digital dust: your simply redesignates the deleted files as “free space,” so later files can be written over the files that have been “deleted”

To follow are 5 actions to avoid when trying to recover data

  1. Don’t Save documents and files
  2. Don’t restart your computer
  3. Don’t start or run new programs
  4. Don’t install a new program
  5. Don’t compress your email files

Disadvantages of only making backup

  • Initial backup may take very long
  • You are not in full control of your files
  • High costs
  • Security risks from hackers