Health Benefits Of Chocolates

Many people agree that chocolate is good for the soul, and researchers are finding that chocolate can be good for the body, too. It’s not wishful thinking…Chocolates is now a proven power house of health benefits. But not too fast…as with all good things, chocolate should be eaten in moderation. And hold the milk chocolate-today’s delicious dose should be dark, dark, dark!

  1. Brain Booster
    Could this be too good to be true? Researchers at wheeling Jesuit University have seen boosts in memory, attention span, reaction time and problem -solving skills in participants eating dark chocolate-and age did not seem to be a factor.
  2. Mood Maestro
    Chocolate contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. Chocolate also stimulates endorphin production, which creates feelings of happiness and pleasure. This may explain why many people naturally reach for chocolate when they’re depressed.
  3. Vibrant Vision
    Hold the carrots. Individuals eating dark chocolate showed increased vision acuity in a University of Reading test. When they gave the same participants white chocolate, there was no measurable difference in visual performance.
  4. Sweets For The Sweet
    Sweet-The journal of personality and social psychology, show that people who like sweets are also more likely to be agreeable, friendly and compassionate than people who prefer bitter or spicy foods. People given sweets were more likely to help someone in need afterward as well.
  5. Stroke Stopper
    Stopper-Women in a Swedish study that consumed about two weeks about two bars of dark chocolate per week reduced the risk of stroke by 20%. But too much chocolate is not good news. So how much is too much? Experts suggest that three ounces of dark chocolate per day is about the limit.
  6. Dental Dynamite
    Research has found that the theobromine in chocolate prevents tooth decay by eliminating streptococcus mutans, a bacteria that contributes to tooth decay
  7. Pucker Power
    Research has shown that allowing chocolate to melt in your mouth produced brain and heart rate activity that was similar to – and even stronger than that produced with passionate kissing
  8. Mighty Muscles 
    Elite cyclists who drank chocolate milk between workouts scored better on fatigue and endurance tests than those drinking sports drinks.
  9. Healthier Heart
    Researchers at Harvard have confirmed that the flavornoids in dark chocolate increases blood flow and seems to prevent both cell damage and inflammation
  10. Levitated Libido
    Libido-Italian researchers surveyed 143 women who ate chocolate every day. They seemed to have an elevated sex drive. But not so fast! They were all younger than the difference. But why let science get in the way?
  11. Belly Buster 
    Penn State have found that dark chocolate contain fat busting enzymes. If the antioxidants in chocolate help block the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates, that means less get absorbed from your digestive tract into your blood-stream, so it can’t get socked away in your fat cells
  12.  Cancer Crusher
    Several studies have found chocolate to be one of the best cancer-fighting foods along with foods like red wine, blueberries, garlic and tea. Two ways that chocolate works as a cancer fighter is by inhibiting cell division and reducing inflammation
  13. Better Blood
    Tufts University found that hypersensitive people who ate 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate per day for two weeks saw their blood pressure drop dramatically. And so did their bad cholesterol!
  14. Softer Skin
    Women drinking a half cup of flavored-rich cocoa each day had skin that was moister and smoother and less sensitive to UV light. Bye Bye, Botox!
  15. Caped Crusader
    The antioxidants in dark chocolate gobble up the cell-damaging free radicals in the body potentially reducing the chance of suffering from arthritis, asthma and stroke


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