7 Health Benefits of Exercise Bike Workout

  1. Calorie Burning
    If you work at a moderate pace for 30 minutes you can expect to burn about 260 calories
  2. Strength Building
    Building up leg muscles, increasing tone and improving overall fitness and stamina.
  3. Joint Health
    Ideal for keeping our joints mobile and healthy. The motion works the hips, knees and ankles in a repetitive motion without causing too much strain.
  4. Reduce Cholesterol
    Can lower bad cholesterol to the point where 30 minutes every weekday could actually extend your life.
  5. Improve Heart Health
    has the potential to strengthen the heart, ensuring that it circulates blood and oxygen more easily.
  6. Improve Your State Of Mind
    Great tool for dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. This action also releases endorphin to physically make users feel better.
  7. Track Progress & Push Boundaries
    Provide a simple form of exercise with trackable goals. Help to create a outline that stick


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