How To Get A Six pack

  • Keep reps per set fairly low (between 10-12 reps)
  • Increase resistance, not reps when it become too easy
  • Lower your overall body fat percentage to remove the “gut” around your abs
  • Work your entire “core” rather than just your abdominal
  • You don’t need to train them everyday -focus on abs three or four times a week
  • Train all major muscle groups, do cardio and follow a healthy diet
  • Exercises who consumed 43g of protein burned 21% more fat than those who drank a sugary post workout drink
  • Shorter high intensity workouts, reduce 20% more deep abdominal fat than moderate pace workoutsdy
  • Drink green tea to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories
  • Running at 6mph boosts metabolism 10x over resting metabolism
  • Cycling at 16-19mph boosts metabolism 12x over resting metabolism
  • Swimming vigorous level boosts metabolism 10x over resting metabolism
  • interval sessions burn 50% more fat than 45-minute moderate cardio sessions
  • In order to lose 11b of fat you will need to burn 2,500 calories
  • Researchers found watching TV during dinner twice a week results in 81bs of weight gain a year
  • Don’t snack after training – ever a long session – because one long session will only burn off 600 calories

How To Get A Six packs

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