Facebook Quick Tips: Sequenced Ad Campaigns

Sequenced ads received 87% more view-throughs and 56% more email subscriptions compared to sustained call-to-action campaigns.

  1. Know Your Customer Profile
    Understanding who you are targeting will not only help you tailor ad content, but it can also determine the necessary stages of your sales funnel depending on the existing level of awareness and favorability the targeted viewer has with your brand/product
  2. Hone Your Message & be Consistent
    Identify a compelling brand story associated content that would appeal to your target viewer. Sequenced ads should maintain a clear brand voice and build off one another so the final message is most impactful.
  3. Focus on the Creative
    Studies have shown the best way to build consumer trust and loyalty is through great content. Don’t skimp on creative; Put the time into producing high-quality images and memorable copy.
  4. Make Conversion Count
    Beyond just making sure you deliver what is promised in the call to action, advertisers need to guarantee the conversion experience itself is enjoyable for the consumer. Keep a consistent aesthetic from your Facebook ad to your landing page and making sure all assets are optimized for mobile.
  5. Plan Ahead for Analytics
    In addition to setting goals for ROI and qualified conversions ahead of time, it’s important to monitor a variety of Facebook metrics in real-time throughout the frequency and revenue/conversion value.

As Facebook continues to expand advertising and targeting opportunities, sequenced ad campaigns may soon see an even greater increase in conversion.

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