Dress Your Staff For Success

Dress Your Staff For Success

Ensuring your front line staff look the part can make a big difference to the success of your retail business

Six things Every retailer should Know

  1. A Reputable Company Image
    90% of people believe what a person is wearing determines how professional and trustworthy they appear. Make sure your staff are dressed to create a good impression. Simple, smart work-wear branded with your logo promote’s a trustworthy and professional image in the mind of customers.
  2. Improved Customer Service
    78% of customers say competent employees creates a happy retail experience. Staff uniform gives employees a responsibility to be an ambassador of your brand. A consistent and professional uniform will help to shape a consistent and professional employee.
  3. Customer Satisfaction
    40% of customers say an improved interaction with employees is the core motivator for spending more with a company. Bold, unique and recognizable staff uniform allows customers to identify employees and get help quickly and easily. This will greatly improve their customer experience with your brand.
  4.  Belonging And Equality
    72% of employees in retail feel more like part of a team while wearing uniform and more confident when performing at work. Dressing in company colors and wearing similar styles creates a sense belonging and unity among employees. This improves teamwork and overall performance when dealing with customers.
  5. The Power Of Color
    73% of purchasing decisions are made in store and eye-catching staff uniform that conveys information effectively is crucial to these sales.The color of your staff uniform will have a huge impact on how customers perceive and interact with your brand and employees. Utilizing the psychology of colors will help to reinforce a desired message
  6. Brand Integrity
    7 Seconds is all it takes to make a good first impression. Branded staff work-wear instills a sense of trust in customers and instantly connotes integrity and high quality service