Digital Yarning

Leaders and innovators speak on what digital changes mean to their communities

  • “Penetration of broadband into remote communities is essential for their survival” – Tadam Lockyer, Broadcaster, Tom Price WA
  • Broadband makes remote not remote – In old times we would see a smoke signal and maybe walk 100 kms. Now with a mobile phone we can get that message straight away” -Kelly Robinson, Warburton Community, WA
  • “Prepaid internet boosts access – but many areas lack technical capacity Or infrastructure and its not commercially viable -Perter Radoll, University of Canberra
  • “GPS from phone helps when people get lost” -Carl Smith, warburton Community, WA
  • “Big bills a problem. Its an issue of who pays humbug to use phone” – Jasmine Lawson, Warburton Community, WA
  • “Yapa Warlpiri used for writing to each other in Waripiri. Everyone has started joining in, even whitefellas” -Lizzie ┬áRoss, PAW media
  • “Internet gives indigenous communities the chance to tap into Vast resource, knowledge and training” -Peter Radoll, University of Canberra


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