Content Curation Ideas

Here are five tips to find content for your nonprofit social media networks. Implement these ideas to keep your nonprofit’s social media networks functioning like a well-oiled machine.

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  • Search on Flickr
    Flickr is a treasure trove for finding visual content. Build partnerships with users who have images that represent your organization’s mission to use on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other platforms.
    Use platforms like that allow you get curated content based on keywords or themes
  • Set Up Google Alerts
    Stay updated on news related to your nonprofit’s work and monitor what people are writing about your organization by signing up for Google Alerts.
  • Sign Up For Newsletters
    Sign up for newsletters of organizations that share content that’s relevant to your nonprofit’s work. Include news organizations that cover issues that’s related to your nonprofit’s mission.
  • Ask Supporters
    Interact with supporters on your social media channels and encourage them to submit content around your organization’s campaigns and initiatives

You can always reuse content found on your website, blogs and other communication channels on your social media networks.

Content Curation Ideas

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