Checklist For an Online Marketing Campaign

1. Establish Your Goals
The first thing you’re going to want to do is figure out what you want to get out of your campaign. It could range from a certain number of email addresses to put into your lists to Likes on Facebook to increase in your web traffic. Whatever your goals may be, jot them down and make sure you have ways to measure them.

2. Create Your Content
When creating content, first, figure out who your target market is and create a theme that is tailored to them. Keep in mind that if you are asking viewers of your campaign to do something (like fill their email address or like you on Facebook), make sure you’re giving them something in exchange. It could be a prize of some sort or a simple piece of content with information that your prospects would find valuable. White papers, tip sheets and ebooks are great pieces, of content to give to your campaign viewers

3. Communicate With Your Audience:

  • Prospects
    have a plan on how you are going to reach your customer and prospect lists. For our Lead Harmony campaigns, we did this in the theme of your campaign. Send this email to your current customers and your prospects as well. The more participation, the better, even if they’re already a client.
  • Public¬†
    There are many different ways to reach a public audience depending on your budget, your current public appearance, your connections, etc. We planned to reach the public with Google ads, through our social bookmarking sites. Keep posting your campaign periodically, not just once.

4. Measure  and Follow Up
Make sure you set up ways to measure your results. The measurement tools that we used for Lead Harmony included an email notification when someone fills out our form, an automatic follow email, automatic placement of the new lead into a specific email list, measurement of Google Adwords and measurement of conversions in Google Analytics. There are marketing automation systems that can help ease this process, but if you don’t have one in place, this is a good way to start.

Checklist For an Online Marketing Campaign

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