Do You Chill Red & White Wine?

Can you chill red and white wine? The answer is yes, of course. The reason being that the temperature you serve wine at affects how it tastes. Also, as wine will usually warm up slightly in your hand, you should serve it at the lower end of this temperature guide.

Red Wine

(An Estimated 375.2 Million Cases Shipped)

  • Room Temperature?
    Yes. Red wine is best served at room temperature because the warmer temperature encourages all the special flavor into the air for you to smell.
  • Finding the Right Room Temperature
    Room temperature, on average, is in the mid-to high-70s, so most red wines end up being too warm.
  • Chilled to Perfection
    To get a red wine to its ideal serving temperature, you should let your red wines spend about forty-five minutes in the refrigerator or ten minutes in an ice bucket.
  • Red, More Defined
    More tannic reds like cabernet sauvignon & shiraz need to be served a little warmer, 15F to 18F, than softer, lighter red wines such as pinot noir & Merlot which should be served more for refreshment, 10F to 12F.

White Wine

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  • Room Temperature?
    No. White wine is best served at cellar temperature or maybe chilled in an ice bucket for few minutes to release its bouquets.
  • Finding the Right Room Temperature
    Room temperature, on average, is in the mid- to high- 70s, so most white wines end up being too cold.
  • ¬†Chilled to Perfection
    Whites should come out of the fridge about half an hour before serving, or you should start them at room temperature and ice them for twenty or so minutes.
  • White, More Defined
    Light, fruity whites, such as french whites from the Loire, Alsace & Bordeaux, lighter Australian whites, Oregon Pinot Gris and all Sauvignon Blancs are best at 45F to 50F.


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