What Can One Product Do For Our Job Market?

What Can One Product Do For Our Job Market?

The Marijuana industry Has Opened Up 16 New Job Positions!

  • Budtender
    A budtender is exactly like a bartender, except for – you know – bud. A budtemder is the individual who actually assists customers at the counter by offering their sage advise and knowledge about different cannabis strains, concentrate and edible.
  • Concentrate Processor¬†
    This is a field that requires considerable skill and can also be potentially dangerous. Concentrates include things like hash oils, wax, dabs and shatter, among others. As far as creating them, a background in chemistry and laboratory equipment
  • Website/Software
    Software to help run marijuana business is essential, and can include things like accounting programs and products management systems. Companies like weed-Maps and Leafy are there to assist cannabis users in finding the product they’re looking for and creating an online community.
  • Edible Creator
    Creating edibles might be a dream job for many. If you can name it, there’s probably a marijuana-infused version of it. Soda, baked goods, candy, coffee… the list goes on. Getting the edibles can be difficult, mainly due to its competitive nature.
  • Shop Owner
    It’s the ultimate dream for many entrepreneurs – owning your own marijuana retail store! Opening a store is risky (as is any start up business), But in a brand new industry, it could be the perfect opportunity to live out your entrepreneur dream
  • Farmer
    Growing marijuana can be time consuming and expensive and also requires a lot of skill. Similar to opening up a retail location, growing can be risky
  • Glass Marchant
    Selling pipes, bongs, and more recently vaporizers is a business that is only expected to grow as prohibition falls across the country.

Additional Jobs

  • Trimmer
  • Security
  • Reviewer
  • Tourism
  • Administrative
  • Courier/Delivery
  • Seed Harvestor
  • Consultant
  • Regulators