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The Top 10 Reasons To Self Publish 

  1. Content And Design Control
    When you self-publish a book, you control what’s in it, how long it is, and how it looks. However, If your book isn’t good, you have no editor board to blame
  2. Time To Market
    You can get your book to market in less than a week once it’s copy-edited. A traditional publisher takes six to nine months to get a printed book to market and it will not release the ebook version earlier than the printed version.
  3. Longevity
    When traditional publishers stop marketing a book, the author has little input. As a self-publisher you can keep your book in print forever – or at least as long as it takes for readers to discover it.
  4. Revisions
    Traditional publishing can take months to fix errors, because publishers print revisions after they’ve sold off the current inventory. Self-publishers can revise books immediately with online ebook resellers and printers that are printing on demand
  5. Higher Royalty
    The royalty you receive from a traditional publisher is 10 to 15 percent of proceeds of the sales of your book. Amazon, by contrast, pays a 35 percent or more royalty.
  6. Price Control
    Self-publishing enables you to change the price of your book at will. You can set a higher price to communicate higher quality
  7. Global Distribution 
    Self-publishing enables you to achieve global distribution of your ebook on day one. Kindle Direct Publishing will list your ebook in 100 countries. Apple’s iBookstore reaches 50 countries.
  8. Control Of Foreign Rights
    If your book is successful, foreign publishers will contact you to buy the rights for their country. In this scenario you might make more money because you’re sharing revenue with traditional publisher.
  9. Analytics
    Most online ebook resellers and print-on-demand printers provide real-time or near real-time sales result. Traditional publishers provide twice -a-year royalty statements -imagine running a business with two sales report a year.
  10. Deal Flexibility
    As a self-publisher, you can cut any kind of deal with any kind of organization. Traditional publishers only sell to resellers, except for bulk sales of printed books to large organizations.


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