7 Important Points to Consider After Purchasing a Dedicated Server

7 Important Points to Consider After Purchasing a Dedicated Server

1. Security Policies

  • Set host and IP based restriction for the SSH, WHM and plesk panel logins
  • Configure password strength and expiration policy
  • Disable vulnerable PHP and system functions.
  • Firewall, Malware and antivirus tweaking as per your application requirement.
  • Prevent users from overriding PHM config values in the php.ini and htaccess files

2. NameServers & Hostname

  • Server should have valid FQDN hostname with appropriate RDNS [PTR] record.
  • Correct hostname helps maintain IP address reputation

3. Backup and Recovery

  • Schedule timely backups.
  • Backup data and system config files both
  • Retain daily, Weekly and monthly replications with full system image.

4. Email Server and IP Address Reputation

  • Configure the Email Server as per your needs.
  • Have a Reverse DNS entry.
  • Enable SMTP Authentication.
  • Publish as SPF record, sign with DKIM or DomainKeys.
  • Make sure that your ┬áserver is not on any of RBL listing.
  • Allow users to Opt-out and Unsubscribe.

5. Periodic Software Updates, Upgrades and Patches

  • Turn On the automatic update/upgrades wherever possible.
  • Patch Critical Updates on time.
  • Always have latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache.

6. Maintain and Service Status Updates to Customers

  • Notify clients in advance about the maintenance schedule
  • Schedule such events to weekend or midnight.
  • Host a service update portal remotely.

7. CPU and Memory Resources Management and Optimization.

  • Adjust the LAMP according to your requirements
  • Use the README or Manual page of application for best configuration.
  • Make sure the server environment is compatible for the application or CMS you run

7 importatnt point to consider After purchasing a server