6 Tips To Write A Winning Proposal

  1. Make It Automatic
    Customize proposal for every client. Do not copy-paste a pre-written script. Make it specific to the project.
  2. Focus On Starting A Conversation
    Be polite. Be human. Identify leverage points. Do not make bids in vacuum.
  3.  Ask Question
    Ask one short question or series of questions. Communicate genuine interest. Show that you care.
  4. Be Personal
    Empathize with their situation. Empathize with their zero tone. Look for a common interest.
  5. Give Thanks
    Communicate trust through reviews, recommendations. Give the “what to do” not the “how to do it” show, not tell – share relevant attachments/demos.
  6. Proofread
    Check spellings
    Check grammar
    Check sentence construction

6 Tips To write A winning proposal

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