6 Tips For Managing Your Busy Day

  1. Divide and Conquer
    I divide my world into two parts – my business and family – and i keep them totally separate.
  2. Take Control of Your Time
    Without a good system in place, i’d feel like a jackrabbit jumping from one task to another.
  3. Master the To-Do List
    I make my to-do list before i leave my office at night, transferring items i couldn’t get done that day
  4. Plan a Post-Travel Strategy
    Business travel plays havoc with routine simply because you lose days at the office, where work happens more efficiently.
  5. Chunk Up Your Week
    I try to identify repetitive work patterns to help me anticipate work and chunk up my tasks more effectively.
  6. Schedule Fun Days
    I schedule one fun day on a weekday each month. It’s like having a little present waiting to be unwrapped.

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