5 Tips For A Healthier Year

  1. Rise & Shine
    Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier than normal to give your body and mind more time to wake up before starting your day. The extra alone time can be relaxing and help reduce stress.
  2. Fitness: Anytime, Anywhere!
    You do not have to go to the gym to get a workout in. Take 15 minutes and do 25 sit-ups, 15 push ups and 30 squats. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can with 60 seconds of rest in between. ***
  3. Stay With Water
    Before you reach for your mug of coffee or tea, drink a glass of water. Your body needs to rehydrate after sleeping, and your digestive system will appreciate the gentler wake u call
  4. Learn Some Simple Recipe!
    Learn some simple healthy recipe for dinners and packing lunches. Add your own variations to recipes for taste as you get more experience. Make it make a goal to pack your lunch at least 4 days a week.**
  5. Snack Smart!
    Pack your own healthy snacks, like fresh fruit or nuts. This will help keep your diet on track during the day and give your body the productive energy it needs.*

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