5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign

5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact the more you simplify your marketing efforts, the more profitable you’ll be. Let’s take a look at the 5 keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign.

  1. Know Your Market
    Intimately KNOW your market, what they want, who they hate, why they go to work everyday, what they’re afraid of. Knowing your market better than they know themselves is the cornerstone of making marketing work.
  2. Make The Offer Irresistible 
    Offer your market a great reason to come in, give you their email address or buy from you. Make your offer IRRESISTIBLE whether it’s your free bait offer, or something you’re currently selling
  3. Surprise Them
    Don’t stick to what you’ve promised or what is “expected.” Send a hand written note, call on a customer, follow up with a client to see how they’re doing. Leave ROOM in your marketing campaign for the unexpected.
  4. Follow UP
    Every sale is a chance to earn a lifetime client or customer. The GOLD is in the follow up. Choreograph a follow up strategy that affirms their original decision to work with you, indoctrinates them into the “fold” of your existing clients and educates them about why YOUR COMPANY was the best choice they could have made.
  5.  Use Multi-Media
    Email is cheap and convenient. Mix it up. Use the phone, email, internet, snail mail, live events, etc. Your marketing campaign should be multi-media in scope.


5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign5 Keys to a Profitable Marketing Campaign