5 Direct Senses of Direct Mail

5 Direct Senses of Direct Mail

Direct mail is an essential part of any multimedia or multichannel campaign because of its ability to leverage 5 Senses. While new forms of advertisement are constantly being adopted, direct mail still remains as one of the most reliable and effective mediums producing ROI

Visual impact is the most important part of any advertisement. First impressions sell brands and much of an option is formed from appearance.

Achieve With:

  • Die cuts
  • Spot UV foil varnish
  • Dimensional objects or packaging (3D)

Giving consumers something tactile is good because it can be kept for later use. The physical medium that the ad is printed on contributes to the recipients’ perception of the company.

Achieved With:

  • Unusual carostock with fabric, material & rubber
  • Emboss or raised textures

Who doesn’t like musical birthday cards? Sound clips can be used in mailings to play music or a recorded message when it’s opened.

Achieved With:

  • Embedding a sound clip
  • Embedding a moving

Aromas can be used in an advertisement to evoke positive feelings and create brand awareness. The scent allows the ad to stand out and remain memorable

Achieved With:

  • Scratch & sniff
  • Product samples

Direct mail can be used to send product samples for new and existing products. This inexpensive way lets consumers try your product, or compare it to a competitor

Achieved With:

  • Product samples