5 Awesome Island Vacation Destination

Picking out the perfect holiday destination is exciting and daunting at the time, considering there are thousands of choices available for today’s travelers if you have yet to decide which getaway is best, here are five awesome vacation destinations to consider.

  1. The Cayman Islands
    Consisting of 3 major islands (Grand Cayman, little Cayman, Cayman Brac), the Caymans has been touted as a paradise for Americans, Europeans, and anyone else who loves to enjoy all the great scenery of nature, as well as the luxury of modern living.
    Some of the best hotels in the world are located in Grand Cayman, where there are endless white sand beaches and pristine blue waters for all tourists to enjoy.
  2. Antigua And Barbuda
    This small nation nestled in the Caribbean, is the perfect summer destination, whether you like to swim, fish, snorkel, dive, or just sit under the sun. The beaches in this country are some of the cleanest and well maintained, as the government is adamant in keeping Antigua as one of the world’s top vacation destinations.
  3. Jamaica
    For those who are fond of the hustle and bustle of the city life sans all the stress that comes with it, Jamaica is the perfect holiday destination . This place is home to some of the best hotels, nightclubs and restaurants in the Caribbean so there diving, fishing and snorkeling sites all over the island.
  4. Barbados
    Being home to some of the biggest coral reefs in the world, Barbados is a deep-sea diver’s dream. In addition, it is also a great place to explore Caribbean cuisine, as there are many restaurants that serve local dishes for gastronomic explores.
  5. Pattaya
    Among the greatest destinations in Asia, Pattaya, Thailand is just where you want to be if you are looking to enjoy sandy white beaches, water sports and authentic South East Asian cuisine. Hundreds of plush hotels can be found in this part of Thailand so tourists will not find it hard to make arrangements on the fly


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