12 Characteristics Of Future Media

  1. Connected 
    Individuals and groups can quickly and easily connect via the internet to share and create media including news, social media, games and entertainment
  2. Data Driven
    Digital channels bring new levels of precision and different speed of data and transactions that should yield dividends in business performance
  3. Pervasive
    Digital media that moves into real life through sensors and variety of devices giving experiences that are designed to fit given situations
  4.  Borderless
    The movement of digital media across traditional geographical borders via the internet
  5.  Viral 
    The ability of a single piece of digital media to spread rapidly across audiences in many countries and/or communities
  6. Personalized
    Media specifically designed for and targeted to individuals rather than a general audience; examples are advertising, political messaging, education application
  7. Participatory
    Media created by m,any individuals through such activities as crowd sourcing, blogging or commenting: includes on-line comments
  8. Immersive
    Media that deeply involves multiple senses, not only sight and sound to create a perception of presence in a non-physical world
  9. Interactive
    Media products such as games which respond to users’ actions: Examples include massive multiplayer games and digital educational activities
  10. Mash-able
    The creation of new pieces of media product by combining already existing media
  11. Multiplatform
    Often called ‘transmnedia’ media properties created for and experienced on a variety of devices
  12. Creative
    Presenting a problem of idea from a unique viewpoint: revealing or leading to the unexpected


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