10 Super Fat Burning Foods

  1. Salmon
    Is one of the best meats for you overall and it tastes awesome too. Salmon is loaded with protein and Omega-3 Amino fatty acids boosting your metabolism and burning more fat. These fatty acids also have a very positive effect on your cardiovascular health, protecting you against heart disease.
  2. Turkey
    Is another great meat for burning fat. Turkey is packed with protein for higher caloric burn and is also naturally lower in fat compared to chicken. Just make sure you buy turkey in its most natural form (many typical thanksgiving turkeys are injected with butter or other fatty substances).
  3. Lean Beef
    Is a very popular meat around the world due to its flavored taste and wide availability. Lean beef especially is a great fat burning food as it has a reduced amount of saturated fat compared to other beef yet is still loaded with protein. It also contains iron which is vital for the creation of hemoglobin in your red blood cells.
  4. Chili Peppers
    Are not only great for spicing up your meals, but they are in themselves a fat burning food. Not only are they low in saturated fat but chili peppers contain an element called capsaicin which has a thermic effect on your body and revs up your metabolism. They are natural anti-inflammatory and are also a great source of Vitamin C, B6, K, potassium and especially vitamin A accounting for over 75% of your required daily value per serving.
  5. Skim Milk
    Contains large amounts of calcium, helping to increase your metabolism and burn calories. There have been many studies which show that those who drink moderate amounts of milk or low-fat dairy products daily, have less body fat ratios than those who don’t. Skim milk is best but if you find it too watery, 1% milk is a good alternative
  6. Green Tea
    Has been enjoyed by the Japanese for centuries and has been spreading in popularity the past several years. Green tea is a great burning beverage due mainly to the EGCG contained within it which stimulates your brain and nervous system resulting in higher caloric burn. Green tea is also has powerful antioxidants and studies have shown it to even reduce the risk of some cancers.
  7. Spinach
    This isn’t just for Popeye (though he did have the right idea about the veggie). Spinach is loaded with vitamins and nutrients yet is a mere 8 calories per serving. A single serving of spinach contains over 60% of your daily value (DV) requirement for vitamin A and a whopping 200% of required vitamin K. Spinach is also full of antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and a number of cancers
  8. Edamame
    These are one of our all time fat burning snack foods. They are essentially soy beans which have been lightly boiled and salted (of course the salt is entirely optional). Originally from Japan, edamame! They also contain 0g of saturated fats so eat them guilt free.
  9. Broccoli
    Is one of those super foods that you can never really eat enough of. It is literally packed with nutrients including calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. The calcium, vitamin C, and fiber all contribute to burning fat and increasing your metabolism. On top of that, broccoli is full of antioxidants that provide a multitude of health benefits including decreasing the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
  10. Oats
    A great way to fill you up as they’re loaded with soluble fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. They’re also a very good source selenium which boosts your energy and immune system by producing antibodies. One of my favorite breakfasts is a nice big bowl of oatmeal in the morning with some blueberries on top


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