10 Stupid Things You Should Never Do In The Gym

  1. Don’t spit in the water fountain. It’s very unappealing.
  2. Don’t talk on your cell phone on the gym floor or in the dressing room – particularly if there are “no cell-phone” zone at your gym
  3. Don’t carry your gym bag or personal belongings with you on the gym floor. Use the locker room or coat check. They present a hazard for moving people.
  4. Don’t offer unsolicited advice. Unless you are a personal trainer, it is not your responsibility to give others advice on how to use the equipment. If they ask you and you are sure you know how to use the equipment, it’s okay to help them
  5. Don’t make loud noises. No grunting unless you are at a “serious” all-male gym; and don’t let your weights slam down on the equipment or on floor.
  6. Don’t get too close. If there are several machines on either side of you, don’t get on one right next to another person. If you are putting your mat down in a class, give the persons around you room to put their mats down and be able to move during the class
  7. Don’t stare. It isn’t polite, whether it’s on the gym floor or in the dressing room, don’t make others feel uncomfortable by staring at them.
  8. Don’t treat the locker room like your personal bathroom. Pick up your used towels and place them and throw away any trash in the waste cans.
  9. Don’t Interrupt classes by going late or leaving early. If you need to leave early, stay in the back of the class so you can quietly slip out; and be sure to inform the instructor at the beginning of the class if you need to leave early.
  10. Don’t ┬átalk loudly or carry on a long conversation with a friend in the steam room or sauna. It’s meant for relaxation and it’s hard to relax when others are talking


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