10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

  1. Treats Migraines
    Doctors in CA report that they have been able to treat over 300, 000 cases of migraines with medical marijuana.
  2. Prevent Alzheimer’s
    THC found marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s by blocking the deposits in the deposits in the brain that cause the disease,
  3. Slows Tumor Growth
    The American Association for Cancer Research has found marijuana works to slow tumor growth in lungs, breasts and the brain
  4. Relieve Symptoms Of Chronic Disease 
    Research shows marijuana can help relieve nausea associated with irritable Bowel Disease and Crohn’s.
  5. Treat Glaucoma
    The use of marijuana has been shown to reduce intraocular eye pressure in glaucoma patients
  6. Prevents Seizures
    Marijuana is a muscle relaxant and contains “antispamodic” qualities which have shown to be very effective in the treatment of seizures.
  7. Helps Those With ADD & ADHD
    Marijuana is not only a perfect alternative for Ritalin, it treats the disorder without the negative side effects of the pharmaceutical.
  8. Treating Multiple Sclerosis 
    Works to stop neurological symptoms and muscle spasms cause by multiple sclerosis by protecting nerves from damage caused by the disease
  9. Calms Those With Tourette’s And OCD
    Marijuana slows down the tic’s in patients with Tourette’s and relives the obsessive neurological symptoms in patients with OCD
  10. Helps Relieve PMS
    Anectodal evidence shows that marijuana may relieve pain in severe cases pf PMS


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