10 Gentleman Things You Should Do In The Gym

  1. Do place your weights back on the rack when you have finished with them. It is not only thoughtful, but also safer. Someone could trip on them.
  2. Do dress appropriately. Leave the tattered, torn and dirty clothes at home. And cover up, please. Most would prefer not to be distracted by too much skin or workout clothes that are too tight.
  3. Do wear deodorant, but skip the perfume and after-shave lotion in very close quarters, it is nice to work out next to someone who smell clean – not sweaty or overly “fragranced”
  4. Do share equipment. If you are doing sets on a place of equipment and resting between each one and you see someone waiting to use the equipment, let them work in, while you rest
  5. Do keep your perspiration (sweat) to yourself. Wipe the equipment after you have used it
  6. Do share the water fountain. If you see someone waiting behind you, let them go ahead of you before you take five minutes to fill up a large water bottle.
  7. Do take a quick shower if you know there are others waiting on line to take a shower. How would you like to be standing on a line with your towel around you for a five minutes waiting for a shower
  8. Do stay at home if you are sick. It’s very inconsiderable to go the gym, when you are sick, leaving germs all over the equipment for others
  9. Do share benches in the locker room. Try to leave a little space for others to place their belonging on the bench while they change
  10. Do be considerable of others’ space in classes, leave room around your mat for others to move during classes. And do move, if necessary, if you are blocking their view of themselves in the mirror


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