10 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Will Change Your Life

  1. Tape Your 3rd &4th Toes Together Before Wearing Pointed Or Closed Toe Shoes
    Take some medical tape and simply tape them together. Doing this alter your balance a little and take the pressure of the balls of your feet
  2. Use Panty Liners To Absorb Sweat
    Yes, that’s right it’s less expensive and yes, panty liners work great in absorbing sweat Plus, they stick to the souls of the shoe perfectly and remove in a snap too
  3. Use Sand Paper on the Soles Of Your Slippery Shoes 
    Gently scuff the soles with a sandpaper block. You don’t need a super course block but just enough to tame slippery surface. Works like a charm!
  4. Loosen Your Tight Shoes! Place Them In The Freezer With Ziploc Bags Filled with water
    As the water freezes, it will slowly expand the bag to greatly stretch the walls of your shoes.
  5. Insert Some Wool Fabric Into Your Shoes To keep Your Feet Warm When It’s cold
    It flattens out nicely once you walk on it and feel every so comfy and warm! You can use any wool fabric or get it on Amazon
  6. Apply Deodorant To Your Heels And Sides Of Feet To Prevent Blisters
    This hack is amazing! I’ve tried so many products to prevent blisters and none of them work as good as deodorant in protecting your feet from chafing and blistering.
  7. Use instant Heel Tip Replacement Caps
    They are long-lasting instant heel caps for damaged or worn-out heel tips. The cap covers the exposed metal nail and stops the clicking sound and prevents skidding too! Get it on Amazon
  8. Make Life Better For Both Your Toes And Your Nose With Unused Tea Bags
    Yep, get rid of those nasty odors with tea bags – the all natural way. I love this hack and have used it for years now. Works like nothing out there on the market.
  9. Combine Woolly Socks And A Blowdryer For Painless Breaking In
    This hack works great for that brand new designer shoe. All you need is a quick and painless breaking in.
  10. Only Try On Shoes In The Afternoon Or Evening
    Since our feet always tends to expand during the course of the day, it really makes sense to try them  on when our feet are already swollen


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