How to Use Honey for Better Health

How to Use Honey for Better Health

Almost everybody has honey in their kitchen cabinet, but most people don’t use it for anything other than a sweetening a cup of tea or spreading on toast. However, honey has been known for its healing properties in many civilizations over the course of history, and as it turns out, it has real health benefits. Some types of less-processed honey, like Manuka honey, may have more powerful properties.

  • Energy Booster
    It comes as no surprise that honey boosts energy because it contains simple carbohydrates, but relative to sugars found in foods, honey boasts more long-term energy benefits. That’s because it takes your body a little longer to break it down than other sweeteners such as corn syrup.
  • Antiseptic
    Perhaps the most common use of honey as a health tool is as an antiseptic. In fact, honey has been and is commonly used to kill bacteria around wounds. Honey can also be used to help kill problematic food-borne pathogens, including E.coil and salmonella
  • Allergy Reducer
    Honey and allergies generally aren’t mentioned in the same sentence, but taking local raw honey on a regular basis may be able to reduce allergy symptoms, especially in the spring when pollen allergies are at their worst. If you do take honey for allergies, just make sure you’re using high-quality raw honey.

Tips & Tricks:

How to Pick Health Honey?
When it comes to buying honey you’ll likely see two kinds. Often, you’ll notice a difference in color. The honey that you’re looking for when it comes to health benefits is generally going to be darker in color. You also want to make sure you’re buying pure honey, not products that are part honey with added corn syrup, sugar or food coloring. Sometimes, manufacturers use these ingredients as filler, and while they’re okay for consumption they don’t pack the same health benefits.