Dragon Ballz

Dragon Ballz

10 Characters Who Beat Goku

King Piccolo
King Piccolo’s power was out of Goku’s League at first and he even stopped his heart momentarily.

Mercenary Tao
There’re no excuse for Goku’s defeat here except his adversary was trained and Goku didn’t have enough time to adjust to his style and locate a weak point.

Majin Vegeta
This will probably be one of the most debated entries on this list, but we’re going by the end result, which found Magin Vegeta leave Goku on the ground after a hard fought fight.

He made Goku’s life so hard he really had to abdicate from it for the first time in the whole franchise by sacrificing himself to pin Radtz down

Jackie Chun: Not Master Roshi!
Goku simply clashed against a first-class combatant this time around and yeah. Master Rashi hardly won

Android 19
A huge defeat and one of the reasons that led me to stop attempting to rank these defeats. This loss made us see that the Super Saiyan form wasn’t foolproof.

Yes, the three-eyed monk-like character  that is dead in the first chapter of the Dragon ball Z history got the better of Goku.

There was no countering this badass monkey guy destroying Goku between his hands. Only Goku’s friends interfering were able to turn the tide

Perfect Cell
He’s the only character that killed Goku. If we consider Goku killed himself when he held Raditz while them both.

Golden Frieza
Sure, Goku got the kill in the end but it was just after Vegeta saved him and let’s not forget that miraculous senzu bean and Whis being merciful enough to use his time travel powers.

This was just Goku getting thoroughly outclassed to the point he allowed Beerus permission to acrry through his threat to destroy the Earth if he desire to


How Pokemon Go Started

How Pokemon Go Started

John Hanke, age 49 (Born in 1967)

  • Learn to program while in middle school then
  • Graduates with Berkeley MBA, thinks about interactive gaming then in
  • 1995, 1996, 1998 Starts 3 gaming startups, after which
  • Hanke stays at Google to lead Google Earth and Google Maps then
  • Google acquire keyhole who
  • Starts a geospecial data visualization in keyhole
  • Starts Niantic inside Google, with complete independence from Google from there
  • Creates a hit Ar game ingress.
  • Pokemon company CEO becomes a fan of the game then
  • Separates from Google Releases funny video of Pokemon on top of Google Maps which lead to
  • 7 million Ingress players worldwide then
  • Raised $30 million from Google,Nintendo and Pokemon after then
  • Pokemon Go launches in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand with
  • 5% of U.S. Android users install the game

To be continued….

  • Revenue per user is double the industry standard
  • Tops Twitter by daily users
  • Players spend 43 minutes on average

A ship that lies under San Francisco’s downtown. It carried the first gold seekers here.