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7 Things Game of Thrones has Taught us About Party Organization

7 Things Game of Thrones has Taught us About Party Organization

1. Lord “Littlefinger” Baelish has taught us the importance of surprises
Delight your team with little surprises – like bringing in a popsicle or churro cart for an afternoon treat. Or go all out Oprah Style, tape clues to the bottom of their chairs and lead them on a treasure hunt to the surprise!

2. Tyrion and Lord Varys reminded us that careful planning can change everything
The Devil is in the details, it’s so easy to overlook them, and yet thinking about the details is what leads to a smooth and memorable event. For instance, for summer BBQ’s, most people forget a power source (if needed), music. bottle openers, and balloons (or other sign) to help your group find the spot.

3. Daenerys Targaryen taught us how to make an impression (and an entrance!)
You probably don’t 3 dragons at your disposal (if you do, please be on our zombie apocalypse team!), but you can still leave quite the impression. Try a main attraction/activity that’s new and eye catching. You can even theme the whole event so it feels more immersive.

4. We learned from Cersei that alcohol is a key ingredient
They may not have come for the booze, but they’ll definitely notice and appreciate it if you go beyond the typical beer and wine you already have stocked in the fridge. Break out some bubbly, rent a margarita machine, or bring in a bartender!

5. John Snow taught us how to get buy-in from your peers (and superiors)
Trying to overcome your boss that a party is in order? Team-building events help with employee engagement, productivity, and retention. They can even help with employee acquisition — just invite prospective candidates to join!

6. With all the deus ex machina (well hello benjan), and seeming teleportation in this season, timing is everything!
To increase attendance, try putting the event after an all hands and/or having it during the day. The most successful teams do 2 big yearly events (a big holiday party and big summer BBQ), moderately big Q2 and Q4 events, and smaller monthly events in between

7. Winter is Coming get on planning your holiday party NOW!
There’s a lot of complains in the Bay all looking to party in December and January, so venues and entertainment get booked quickly. Your employees will also have various parties to go to, so make sure you get it on their calendars early!!

Game of Thrones

Social Is Coming

Social Is Coming

What If Social Networks Had To Play The Game of Thrones?

1. My Space (Maester Aemon Targaryen)
Myspace made a music-focused comeback in June of 2013. Within 4 months of the relaunch, membership jumped from 24 million to 36 million

Hundred year old Maester Aemon Targaryan, like Myspace, was once the dominant force worshiped by the masses. But after his power was usurped by Facebook, Myspace has been outcast and all but forgotten – but it’s not dead yet.

2. Tumblr (Daenerys Targaryen)
In 2013, the number of active users on Tumblr grew by 74%

Daenerys Targaryen is shrouded in mystery, much like the microbiologing site Tumblr. Rumors about Daenerys have reached Westeros, but many don’t believe that her dragons even exist.
Slowly, Daenerys is making her way toward the Iron Throne, gathering forces and freeing slaves along the way. Her strength is growing, much like that of tumblr, which was acquired by yahoo! for $1.1 billion

3. Facebook (The Lannisters)
In 2012, Facebook made $5,086,000,000 in revenue and has spent over $22 billion on acquisitions since its founding in 2004

Casterly Rock sits above the most productive gold mine in westeros, making the Lannisters the wealthiest family in the Seven kingdoms. Much like Facebook, the Lannisters use their wealth and influence to grow their power, even managing to put a pureblood lannister on the throne

4.  Google+ (Petyr Baelish)
While only 3% of global social media sharing takes place on Google+, the site boasts 300 million monthly active users

Since king Robert’s Baratheon’s death, Petyr Baelish has quietly been laying plans to change the game and claim the throne.
Like Google+, Baelish is sometimes overlooked during discussions of major players, but his vast connections and skillful maneuvers make his ascension to power appear inevitable

5. Instagram ( Margaeryn Tyrell)
Instagram has 200 million active users and 23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favorite social network

While Instagram is wildly popular, Its acquisition by Facebook has cost the brand some cred. Margaery has established herself as something of a “people’s queen,” but her allegiances to the lannisters casts a shadow on her good name.
While Margaery will surely benefit from the lennisters’ power, can she also maintain her beloved status among the people?

 6. Twitter (The Starks)
52% of Twitter users consume news through the sight, rather than through traditional media

The Stark children are learning that they have abilities that allow them to be uniquely connected with world, much in the same way that Twitter has allowed people across the world to be connected. The Starks know things before they happen, can see events from very far away and can even see through the eyes of their dire wolves. They are connected to people across all of westeros in an almost instantaneous way, rather than waiting for news to get to them by messenger
Similarly, Twitter users are able to consume information quickly as stories unfold.