It’s Monday. Time to Move!

5 Ways to ‘Deskercise’
Sitting at a desk hour after hour and day after day can take a toll on your body. Here are some simple exercise you can do to get your muscles working and your blood flowing (which can also get ideas flowing.) It’s always good to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program

  1. Knee-ups:
    Raise your arms up in the air. Now bring them down while lifting one of your knees up – as if you’re breaking a twig over your knee. Then raise your arms and try it with the other knee. It’s great for your hip flexors and quads. And great if you have some twigs to break.
  2. Side Swivels:
    Work your oblique without getting out of your chair. Start by sitting upright with your feet hovering over the floor, Holding your desk with your hands, use your core to swivel the chair from side to side. Try not to say “Wheeee!’ too loudly
  3. Chair Dips:
    If you’re going to use a chair, make sure it’s the non-rolling variety – otherwise, use a secure desk. Grip the chairs edges on both sides and slide to the front edge of the chair. With your arms straight and your legs extended, dip by bending your arms. Push yourself up, then dip again. Continue until your triceps say ‘Uncle’
  4. Stretches:
    Your back, neck and shoulders a break from sitting, especially if you’re staring at a screen. So stand up and stretch your fingertips to your toes. It’ll improve your flexibility and relieve stress. Best of all, stretching your body can refresh your mind
  5. Bad Curls:
    Any purse with a strap will work. Start with your arm by your thighs. Bend your elbow and curl your arm up toward your chest, pause, then lower it. Try 10-15 reps with each arm (depending on how much you keep in your purse.) Men can use water bottle – or a purse if that’s how you roll.

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