Inside The Mind Of Digital Marketing Leaders

Issues Identified as Most Critical /Top-of-Mind by Soda’s C-level Members is Shaping the Success of their Business as of mid 2012

  1. Operation/Finance
    What are the financial and operational best practices for our industry and how can i earn the coveted title of *financial superstar* within the ranks of Soda member companies
  2. Advocacy
    How can i consistently provide thought leadership to my industry in terms of standards, collaboration and philanthropic efforts?
  3. Production
    How do the established models for pre-prod, production and post-prod work meet (or not meet) the needs of our current digital engagement?
  4. Education
    Where can i find the best talent and how do i nurture and retain that talent
  5. Marketing
    How do i align all of my efforts toward a cohesive strategy that positions my company for new business success?
  6. Business Strategy
    What tools, strategies and approaches do i need to adopt to successfully negative periods of intense change?
  7. State Of The Industry
    How do we get post-digital and begin sharing perspectives on how the industry has evolved and where it’s headed?
  8. Legal
    What are the most important legal and regulatory issues impacting our industry and my company? Do i have the proper documentation and contracts to ensure successful growth?
  9. Innovations
    How do i lay the ground-work to structure and promote an environment of continual innovation?



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