March 2017

Guide To A Successful Graphic Designer

Guide To A Successful Graphic Designer

  • Sky Is The Limit
    Push yourself to the maximum and never stop dreaming
  • Creativity Come From Within
    Try to experiment maximum principles of design, explore yourself and work tirelessly. As impossible is nothing…
  • Communicate 
    It is the main purpose of graphic designing
  • Be Confident
    Be proud of your work but don’t take criticisms personally. Don’t nail the brief first time as people’s tastes vary in this industry
  • Get Your English Right
    Always double check your spelling and grammar
  • Develop Constantly
    Don’t think you know it all, things evolve and change. keep learning and developing your skills
  • Practice Makes It Perfect
    Redo your old designs and other people’s designs
  • Kiss (Keep It Simply Silly!)
    Simplicity attracts all, keep it fresh and be straight to point.
  • Never Stop Learning
    Read, take online classes or other training at colleges, Teach someday, you will learn a lot by teaching
  • Be Persistent And Passionate
    The number of times you get knocked down – Pick and brush yourself up. To pursue your passion you must have persistence!
  • Jack Of All Trades
    The more skills you bring to the table, the better you can help your clients
  • Acknowledge
    In your career, you will need help or guidance from others. Thank them and be there when someone needs you

Guide to a succesful graphic designer

6 Surprising Facts About Kidney Disease In Dogs And Cats

6 Surprising Facts About Kidney Disease In Dogs And Cats

  1. 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs will develop kidney disease during their lifetime.
  2. Certain risk factors might make pets more likely to develop kidney disease, such as Lyme disease, leptospirosis (in dogs), kidney stones, hereditary conditions and more.
  3. Important warning signs of kidney disease may be very subtle and include drinking more, peeing more, weight and activity changes, vomiting, bad breath or other hard-to-recognize signals
  4. Early diagnosis, before symptoms become obvious, can be key in identifying the base cause of kidney disease, giving more time to treat that underlying cause or to slow progression and helping your pet to feel well for as long as possible.
  5. Your vet can give you tips for keeping your pet’s kidneys healthy and happy as long as possible, including strategies for avoiding dehydration or getting your pet to drink more water.
  6. A new test called SDMA (from Pet Health Network’s parent company, IDEXX), may help your veterinarian identify kidney disease, months if not years earlier.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Setting Up a Better Future

Current Financial Situation-
Determine your current financial situation with regards to income, savings living expenses and debts.

Develop Financial Goals-
Periodically analyse your financial values and goals. This involves identifying how you feel about money and why.

Alternative Courses of Action-
Continue the same course of action. Expand the current situation. Change the current situation.

Evaluate Alternatives-
Evaluate courses of action, considering your life situation, personal values and current economic conditions.

Implement a Financial Action Plan-
As you achieve your immediate or short-term goals, the goal next in priority will come into focus

Revise Your Plan-
This process does not end when you take a particular action. You need to regularly assess your financial decisions

Financial Planning

2017 Checklist

2017 Checklist

What Your Business Needs to Do to Start the Year Wisely

The new year it here, and you also need to rethink your plans, do checkups, and make sure you survive until next year. Here are a few you can do immediately.

In the year that closed, there are things you certainly would want to leave behind.
Bad deals. Bad decisions. Bad moves. Bad thoughts.

2017 has begun. It`s a new year. If you ended the year with a bang, time to start anew.

Don`t just stop with yourself. Your business also needs some sprucing up.
Here´s to beginning 2017 with more than just conviction.

1. Make Resolutions

  • Set new goals for your business.
  • Reach higher heights.

2. Revisit Plans

  • Don`t forget-worse, abandon-previous plans.
  • Get back to them and finish them.

3. Eliminate “Waste”

  • Get rid of unwanted material:
  • Excess/redundant/duplicate files, e-mails, etc.

4. Keep up-to-date.

  • Update your blogs, websites, and all.
  • Make sure you stay ahead of the news.

5. Fix the Wrongs

  • Take time to reflect on what went wrong.
  • Then fix them (It may or may not be easy)

6. Try/Start New Things

  • Don`t  just stay in your comfort zone.
  • Discover more things you can be good at.
  1. If you`re optimistic, you`re thinking,” 2017 will be a great year!”
  2. If you`re pessimistic, you may be thinking, “Same old grind.”
  3. But hope that 2017 will be a great year!