12 Political Terms Every English Language Learner Should Know

  1. Absentee Voting
    A way for citizens to vote by mail when they can’t get to the polling place
  2. Ballot
    A list of candidates and proposals for which citizens can vote
  3. Campaign
    A connected series of events leading up to an election. A presidential campaign includes communicating a candidate’s ideas to voters, meeting with voters and debating with opponents
  4. Contribution
    Something of value that is given to a political campaign. Usually, it is money, but it can also be something such as office equipment or advertising space.
  5. Conservative
    A person who tends to uphold tradition and resist major changes in laws and institutions
  6. DebateĀ 
    A discussion or an argument about issues
  7. Economy
    A country’s system for producing and consuming or using goods and services and for managing resources. Generally, the economy grows if people produce and buy more things than they did the previous year. More jobs are available and times are good. The economy shrinks if production and consumption drop off. Jobs become hard to get.
  8. Government
    A system of control and direction of public functions
    In the United States, voters choose their government leaders by voting in their government – federal, state, and local. Each has different jobs, ranging from national defense at the federal level to garbage pick up at the local level
  9. Independent
    Voters who are not registered as members of a political party
  10. Poll
    A survey of public opinion
  11. TicketĀ 
    The slate, or list of candidates for office nominated by a party during an election
  12. Unemployment Rate
    The percentage of workers who cannot find jobs


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